Today was the first day at RE:DESIGN/UXD. We had about nine sessions and below are my highlights.

Tim Richards from BLITZ started off the day by raising the bar and saying that experience designers shouldn’t only focus on interactions on a screen. Instead we should think about the macro-experiences to design ones that are authentic and resonate with the audience so that we can avoid the “Ice Cube Effect” (NWA vs. Are We Done Yet?).

Marisa Gallagher from CNN continued with an interactive session equating the UX process with brand strategy (it really is the same). She asked attendees to break out into groups to use their UX knowledge to solve hypothetical branding challenges for companies like Sears and the USPS.

Cooper designers Chris Noessel and Stefan Kolarek led a thought-provoking lunchtime session that looked back on the evolution of interface design and where it will go in the future. Hint: there is no screen.

Sarah Murgel from Razorfish made the following challenge: if protesters using social media in Tunisia can spark a cultural and political revolution in the Middle East, if a young startup can raise $7MM on Kickstarter for a watch in four weeks, why can’t we as UX designers innovate in corporate America?

Lots of phenomenal discussions and idea-sharing happening. As Marisa put it: it feels like a great salon. Day Two is tomorrow.