Project: Activision Launch Campaigns

Launching video games is like launching movies. You have three weeks to quickly generate buzz, awareness, and as many pre-orders as possible. Then it’s about riding that momentum to get sales.

As the lead on the Activision account at Razorfish, I provided creative direction and oversight on a number of high-profile video game launches. Titles included: Prototype, Wolfenstein, Bakugan, Transformers 2, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


  • To help launch Bakugan we created a microsite for the younger boy audience where the whole site was a game unto itself. Users could create their own avatars and score points by exploring the site and learning about the video game.
  • For Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, we played up the dueling sides of the superhero universe by having the rebel group “hack” into the official-looking propaganda.

For all online advertising campaigns, we created immersive rich media experiences with page takeovers, video banners and interactivity.

Medium: Digital advertising and microsites
Client: Activision
Agency: Razorfish
Role: Creative direction
Date: June 2009 – August 2009