Project: Mincom Brand Campaign

Mincom was a leading provider of asset-intensive enterprise solutions. They were the company that could help you track thousands of miles of power lines, or the tens of thousands pieces of equipment you might have in your mining operation in Africa.

After the launch of their new identity, they needed a creative advertising platform to market themselves and stand apart from the competition. We created a campaign platform called “Lead the Way” that positioned Mincom as the industry leader. Visually we told the story of asset-intensive companies by focusing on the customers’ most important asset—their workers. Each intimate portrait of the worker is comprised of all the other assets that he depends on.

The platform was easily extended to print ads, website hero graphics, trade show materials and more.

Medium: Advertising, website, microsite, trade show
Client: Mincom
Agency: PJA Advertising + Marketing
Role: Creative direction and art direction
Date: June 2010