Blowing Up Pepsi

Fascinating story of PepsiCo America’s CEO Massimo d’Amore, who spearheaded the rebranding by Arnell, and what he’s done to revive the brand.

Pulp Friction: Why Tropicana’s Redesign Was the Pits

One of d’Amore’s projects was to rebrand Tropicana, also done by the Arnell Group, which failed miserably.

Goodbye, Speak Up

One of my favorite design blogs is shutting down.

David Lynch Directs This Moby Music Video

Conceptually it’s pretty literal. Still beautifully done though.

Sprint Now Network: Anthem

This is my current favorite commercial. Turns out that my former boss was the CD/AD on it. Great work, Christian! [Direct link to QuickTime movie]