Print is dying. With the recent shutterings of Domino, Craft, Cottage Living and a slew of magazines, and the layoffs at various newspapers, print is dying. That’s why it’s important for newspapers and magazines to reinvent themselves and make them relevant again in the 21st century.

That is why I love that the New York Times is innovating. With their special interactive story features to T Magazine to their Fashion Week collection browser, they are embracing the print killer and creating new opportunities for readers to engage with the news, and for advertisers to speak to their audiences.

The New York Times latest endeavor is a public beta of sorts, along the same vain as some Google products, and is called Article Skimmer. It basically takes the articles and lays it out in a nice, neat, easy-to-skim grid. It’s not Flash, just DHTML, and it’s quite lovely.

(via NYTimes.com First Look Blog)